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Welcome to the Worship Team Ministry


Worship is “home-coming”, coming home to God the Father through Jesus Christ.

Surrounded by beautiful music, being comfortable in your own skin, coming as you are to fix your eyes on Him. It might involve gathering together to eat a meal that has been lovingly prepared; being with your friends, knowing that the love that binds you together is bigger than each of you and all of you, it’s the love that comes from beyond. It’s drinking hot chocolate or a soya latte from a paper cup and being grateful. It’s seeing people gather around a big campfire to chat and tell stories and jokes and sing songs to God, yet knowing that the fire within burns more brightly than the fire before you. It’s looking up at the night sky and seeing stars and wondering about the worlds beyond and at the same time knowing that the person who made the universe made you, your friends and family and holds you tenderly in his hand. Worship is appreciating nature and seeing the value of every creature in all creation because they are made by God.

Worship is gathering on a Sunday morning with trusted friends and family to lift up your prayers and your praises, your petitions and proclamations to the God of the universe, through passionate song, harmonious voices and melodious music.


First to arrive and the last to leave, the Set-up team ensures things run smoothly on Sunday mornings. At NLIC we see the set up as a ministry, and no matter how big or small the task,

we strive to do all things with excellence (Colossians 3:23). From setting up the chairs in the main hall, to sound engineering, presentation software, video and online recording, the role is both all-encompassing and fulfilling. Please get in touch if you are interested in joining the team.